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michael pilon beginnings

The beginning stage of a project is always the hardest step for me to get through. I’m generally full of bright ideas, but I tend to have my head in the clouds and it’s really hard to get them onto paper — that’s about to change with this blog. Creating a space to talk about my experiences with fashion and lifestyle has been on my mind for years, but choosing this specific time to actualize my vision was really a no-brainer. There is no more time to sit and dream when there is a system that needs to be altered. Now more than ever, we need to recognize diverse brands and independent voices, and there are stories that I would like to do my part and amplify. I have hope that the fashion system itself, with its cyclical and often frivolous wants, will have a new beginning, and lean more towards ethical production, sustainable practices, and diverse representation.

As all beginnings go, I think it’s appropriate to have a little introduction about myself and my background on the blog, so hello! My name is Michael, and I’m a queer Turkish Canadian who loves to write and draw. My creative inspiration comes from design that is fun at heart, but at the same time challenges the status quo. I recently graduated with an M.A. in fashion, and I also have a B.A. in English and media studies. My main goal during undergrad was to hone my writing and research abilities, and I put those into practice during my masters thesis, which was based on diverse representation in zines. I also had the opportunity to intern at a fashion magazine, where I really learned the tools for how to put this space together. Now I’m just floating around, hanging out with my cat, and writing and drawing as much as I can until the COVID madness is over.

Every article in this space will be written by myself, for the time being, and every illustration will be by my own hand. Once I establish a larger platform (and have enough financial stability to provide appropriate pay) my goal is to feature other POC and queer writers and illustrators in this space. I hope that you’ll come along for the ride with me, and that we can put more ethical ways of thinking into practice together. You can expect to see articles from me about fashion, lifestyle, think pieces, art exploration, how to style clothing, product reviews, brand spotlights, wish lists, book reviews, and everything in between. Welcome to my journey, and (fingers crossed!) to the new beginnings of the fashion industry.


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