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I Tested Out the Starface Space Wash

The Brand

Starface changed the conventions around how we see acne, and now the new Starface “Space Wash” is on the scene. The brand made waves in the beauty scene with star-shaped patches that you put on top of your pimples, and are designed to stop you from picking them — and draw out the oils.

They’re quite subversive, because everyone knows there’s a pimple under there. There’s no real attempt to shove acne under the rug; wearing them toys with the idea that people see acne as an imperfection. The result of having a face covered in stars is just pure fun, and you also get THE most Instagram-able look without even slapping on a filter. Will I ever have the confidence to actually wear these stars out in public, instead of just in Snapchats? Time will tell, but I’m sure some of you readers have that inner confidence.

I should also quickly mention that this article doesn’t contain any product that was sent to me, I purchased them myself!

Space Wash

While the stars fascinate me, I was the most impressed by the cleanser. If the delightful branding wasn’t enough to pull you in, it’s also vegan, cruelty-free, and non-comedogenic. There is so much right about this product, which starts out as a clear medium-thick gel and turns into a luscious foam while you wash.

The ingredient list is incredibly short (no, it doesn’t contain sodium laureth sulfate!), and it’s full of natural extracts like white willow bark, holy basil leaf and calendula flower. The best part? There’s no fragrance added! Too often I lather a new cleanser on my face, and then realize it smells like chemicals and cheap perfume. This one has a faint leafy scent, but it’s not something noticeable at all during or after washing.

starface space wash review
Starface Space Wash, $22,

My Skin and Results

So my skin is pretty oily in general, except that I have rosacea on my cheeks, which makes them red and quite dry. I fear most cleansers will either cause an uncontrollable acne breakout on my forehead, or dry out my cheeks even more. That mostly wasn’t the case with this one; after a few washes my forehead was much less oily, and the redness in my cheeks evened out (I’m wondering if that’s from the sage leaf and calendula, which can reduce irritation?).

I will say that I did notice my skin drying out a little after a few days of using this wash, despite soothing the redness, but that was easily fixed by using a little bit more moisturizer than normal. Now my skin is soft and glowing, and so much less red than before (more expensive cleansers couldn’t even help me with this!)

Should You Try the Starface Space Wash?

If you have oilier skin that’s prone to acne like me, you should go for it! I could see how this wash might be a little bit harsh for those with extremely dry skin. But, for me it worked like a charm. There aren’t really any harmful ingredients, so this product is also suitable for those with sensitive skin. Try the star patches, too, if you’re uncomfortable with your acne. They give you a fun feeling that everyone should experience at least once in their life. And, if you’re used to thinking that pimples are imperfections, they’ll help you challenge that idea.


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