How SZA’s “Hit Different” Resurfaces Past Fashion Trends

This songstress is both dreamy and fashionable.

For everyone like me who has been eagerly awaiting new music from SZA since her last album, Ctrl, released in 2017: the time has finally come. She just surprise dropped her new single called “Hit Different,” and paired it with a self directed music video that shows just how dreamy and fashionable this songstress can be.

Alongside already being recognized as one of the most soulful and emotional musicians currently around, SZA is quickly securing her spot as a style icon with her looks in this video. The whole production has a laid-back and comforting vibe, and the clothing in the video nods to past trends that are on their way back into the fashion conversation.

She opens the video wearing a dusty orange baggy pant and crop top combo, with her backup dancers all matching, and beautifully combines the Aaliyah inspired reference with modern streetwear. Next she’s dancing on hay bales in an oversized tie-dye shirt that looks so natural and carefree. Oil paintings printed onto fabric is also having it’s fashion moment — here SZA pairs a renaissance inspired printed button down shirt with a colourful bra. This style is the epitome of putting in so much effort, but at the same time looking so effortless.

SZA’s beauty game is also on point in this music video; shots of her in a field covered in nothing but bloody red paint are both artful and striking, and her Cleopatra inspired hair and makeup in the final minutes of the video might just be the most beautiful her face ever looked. The glossy lip and eye combo do wonders for her features.

SZA’s music always lulls me into a place of introspection, and with lyrics like “all I know is / mirrors inside me / they recognize you,” this song is no exception. Watch the full video and drift off into dreamland yourself:


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