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starface reviews space wash

A Starface Review: Space Wash

The Brand Starface is changing the conventions around how we see acne — by covering it up and making it fun! They’ve been making waves in the beauty scene with star-shaped patches that you put on top of your pimples, and are designed to both stop you from picking them and to draw out the oils. They’re quite subversive as a concept, because everyone knows that there’s a pimple under there and there’s no real attempt to shove acne under the rug; wearing them toys with the idea that people see acne as an imperfection. The result of having a face covered in stars is just pure fun, and you also get THE most Instagram-able look without even slapping on a filter. Will I ever have the confidence to actually wear these stars out in public, instead of just in Snapchats? Time will tell, but I’m sure some of you readers have that inner confidence. I should also quickly mention that this article doesn’t contain any product that was sent to me, I purchased them …

michael pilon beginnings


The beginning stage of a project is always the hardest step for me to get through. I’m generally full of bright ideas, but I tend to have my head in the clouds and it’s really hard to get them onto paper — that’s about to change with this blog. Creating a space to talk about my experiences with fashion and lifestyle has been on my mind for years, but choosing this specific time to actualize my vision was really a no-brainer. There is no more time to sit and dream when there is a system that needs to be altered. Now more than ever, we need to recognize diverse brands and independent voices, and there are stories that I would like to do my part and amplify. I have hope that the fashion system itself, with its cyclical and often frivolous wants, will have a new beginning, and lean more towards ethical production, sustainable practices, and diverse representation. As all beginnings go, I think it’s appropriate to have a little introduction about myself and my …